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    I'm using QuickOffice Premier and have had problems with it. The biggest problem is that it causes my Treo 300 to do a soft reset every time I use the Palm OS search function. I've reinstalled the suite a few times, including downloading the latest version (7.1). It will then work for a while, then go back to the same problem. I don't have a lot of other programs on it (Snappermail, Eudora browser, Verichat, MathU Pro, HandyShopper). I submitted an email request to them a couple of days ago, but only received an automated message saying they received my message. Anyone else had this problem?
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    Regarding QuickOffice

    Yes I too have it on my Treo 600 and it causes a soft reset everytime I go and type the ( O/Alt) button. I love the features but it's very buggy. Im probably going back to Docs to Go.
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    I just downloaded the trial version of docs to go. I sure hope this works better. I'm not very happy about spending $50 on Quick Office. It's unuseable, and I can't get any response from their tech support.
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    Unfortunately they both have their short comings:

    With Quicksheet you cannot view the contents of a cell if it extends beyond a certain number of characters. In Docs to Go a window will popup so you can read the entire contents. QuickSheet also went balistic when it tried to resolve a formula where it went into this repetitive beeping state and wouldn't stop untiil I did a soft reset.

    On the flip side Docs to Go causes a soft reset when you try to view a Word document with a format like:

    5. There are two programs available
    5.1 Quick Office*
    5.2 Docs to Go*

    It turns the 5.1 & 5.2 into garbage characters and does a soft reset if you try to scroll down with the NAV. Quickword displays the document fine and does not soft reset.

    *Note: There should be a tab before 5.1 and 5.2. For some reason the forum will not allow me to insert white space before these lines.

    I've got both programs for now. Ugh.
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    I don't think I'd mind it AS MUCH if the program just causes a reset when operating on certain docs. I can't have a program on my Treo (QuickOffice) causing my Palm OS search function to be inoperable.
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    i had the soft reset problem and they told me to download the latest version 7.1.58 ( i think) i had just bought it a month ago and it was like 7.1.56 so u might want to check the version of 7.1. X you have
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    You would think this was reqolved, but Quick word is now causing me soft resets on my T650...all other Quick products are OK.

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