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    hello folks,

    i am a newbie here in this forum, and tried to search for an answer to my question, but was told that my search was too short or too ambiguous... hmm. so indulge me when i ask...

    is it possible to view japanese characters using the mail/web functionality on the treo 600? i realize asking for japanese character input might be too much to ask, but was wondering if jis/shift-jis/unicode is supported.

    thanks for your patience, i hope someone out there can help me,

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    There is an updated version of CJKOS for OS 5 devices at that works on the treo 600. You can use it to view Shift-JIS or EUC pages through the web browser. It doesn't seem to support Unicode encoding, though. Also, I couldn't get it to work with SnapperMail. You can input hiragana and katakana, but no kanji (if using Japanese input).

    Also, the font is kind of difficult to read in the browser. The browser always seems to try to make fonts as small as possible. Anyone know how to stop this?
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    Even better than CJKOS (for Japanese, anyway) is HackerDude-san's J-OS. There is a beta version for Treo600 available at

    This has full kanji input support.
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    nice, i'll check it out. thanks for the tip.

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