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    how are the short-cuts supposed to work? I thought I should be able to push the silver button (option) then the letter, and it would perform the applicable shortcut. however, the only time I can enter the shortcut is when the menu button is displayed. Is this right, or should you just be able the specific short cut for any screen that you are on without displaying the menu?
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    Push the menu button, then the letter
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    Keyboard shortcut, or Text Short cut ie. :shortcut: DTS for Date/Time stamp. Then type "S", followed by the "alt" key and scroll to the :shortcut: symbol.

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    Thanks, Narnia!

    I guess it was that way for the 300 that I had? I don't know. Anyway, to the poster using grafitti, I thought you had to have a 3rd party app for that???
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    I just spent 1 hour and 34 minutes on the line with Sprint PCS to find the answer..... the irony of that long to find the command key for a "shortcut". Type the letter "s" (as in shortcut) press the Alt key (the key with the zero number) and a sreen of alternative keys comes up. scroll down to the last item witch looks like the graffti short cut stoke, and select it. Enjoy!
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    Yes, Graffiti Anywhere (whick I use) is a thrid party app.
    I didn't know if you wanted the "Menu Shortcut" or "Text Shortcut", so since narnia answered the Menu one, I tried to answer the Text one (two for one, you gotta like that ).

    As go Blue said, It ironic that the "shortcut" symbol (for text) is hard to get too. That is why I suggested the graffiti use.

    I use Documents to Go and I am an old school Palm user, so I am stuck on Graffiti, that is why I choose to go with the free thrid party app.

    Funny, I really use a combo of Graffiti and keyboard now, and I find that even faster. 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of the rest.

    If you want graffiti, send me a PM, or search on the forum. Have a good one! Matt

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