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    I think my Treo 600 (Unlocked GSM Europe) has a bug in Preferences application:

    When I go to Date & Time always shows GTMT -5 in Set Time Zone option. When I tap there to change it all I get is a black frame but no options and I have to exit the program.

    Does anybody suffer the same problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    PS: Admin & users please accept my apologies if this issue has already been discussed or this is not the right forum for this posting.
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    I have exactly the same problem (Treo 600 on Orange in the UK). Orange support sent me to the supplier to replace the hand-set and the second hand-set had exactly the same problem again.

    I'm waiting on tech support to get back to me about what to do next.

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    Are you using the BigClock program? I faced this problem previously until I re-installed a patched version (ver 2.83T) or something similar.

    One way to try out if this was the problem would be to delete the BigClock program. Hope this helps.
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    Not using BigClock. In fact, just took the treo out of the box, charged it up, then tried to change the timezone!

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