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    Yes. THanks!
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    Originally posted by macfan

    It must make a difference which Sprint, Treo 600 version you have. I have a version C and I definitely have four choices in sound: Phone, Mail, Calendar, and SMS. I have installed the beta version of Snappermail and everything works just fine. There is only one change that I noticed. Snappermail used to add an alarm of its own to the sound choices and that is no longer there. I went back to my backups to check this out and sure enough the last complete version of Snappermail did add one alarm to your sound choices that is not there with the beta version.

    Greetings Macfan.

    Curious. I have a Rev. C Sprint T600 and have no E-mail under Prefs>Sound. I only have Phone/SMS/Calendar. Yet, when I had a Rev. B Sprint T600 and had the HS Mail Client installed for testing, I had the choice to change the Email sound.

    My question to you: Did you load the HS Mail Client? If so, that may be why you have the Email option under Prefs>Sound.

    Cheers & thanks,
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    7zero, I think your on the money, that is what I was trying to explain in an either post. I also think MacFan said he either has, or had installed the HS client. When you installed the HS client, were there two app, on that set it up and the engine? If so, that may be all we need and it would not be a theft, at least I would not think so?

    Perhaps I will send HS an email and ask if they plan, or have the HS Email Client for sale.
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    this is retarded, everyone feeling like they have to be good little boys and girls. I installed the program I should have gotten for free, and it added the functionality I wanted to my sound preferences. I don't feel bad about it, and don't think anyone else should.

    Now, getting a cracked copy of SnapperMail, or a reg key would be wrong, so don't do that!
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    I've had snappe installed since day one, and have always had a selection for "email". I think that if you install an email client the option becomes available.

    I did try the handspring client, but I had the option prior to that. I kept snapper as I paid for it (I wish I would have gottten the HS client BEFORE I sprung for Snapper.
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    Installing the HS mail application solved the problem mentioned in the beginning of this thread and restored the mail alert option for Snappermail.


    Snappermail just released another Beta, Version 1.91, and along with some other updates, they have now mapped the MAIL sound for Snappermail to the SMS sound as a fix.

    So now the alert tones for SMS and MAIL are always the same. Not really a big deal, but frustrating since it was working so nicely before.

    I sure hope this decide to fix this the right way.
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