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    Just got email from EB Cases about there treo 600 case.

    Perfect . I cancelled my Bellagio order for this.

    This is what i wanted.
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    That's pretty sweet looking. I definately like it more than the Bellagio case in both functionality and looks. For looks though, Vaja always has everyone else beat... they're just so stylish. I'm waiting to see what the I-Volution from Vaja looks like and then maybe I'll decide between it and this one. Thanks for alerting us to another option
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    EB makes nice cases. I loved the slipper I had for my Prism & Visor Phone. I most likely will have both the Bellagio combo & EB case. I like choices....
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    this case looks good..only prob is the pics are pretty small and you can't see what it looks like with the flip attached. I like the fact the flip appears to have a clear bit so you can see the screen with it on..none of the othr flip lids have this feature which seems to me to be a basic necessity
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    oops..have just found more pics on the site..mind you, the treo doesn't look too safe in the case w/o the flip..what do you think
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    Looks like a very nice case, so is the Vaja, even the belligio, but all of them have one thing in common, they are for all intents and purposes vaporware at this point.

    EB.... 10 days plus due to high demand.

    Belligio... 14 days since order, delayed again, due to customs supposedly.

    Vaja .. Pre-orders, and I-volution is "In design phase" No specific date of availability...well let ya know.

    Ahhhh the thrills and spills of being an "early adopter" Lots of cool stuff, cant get your hands on ANY of it yet.

    Ended up going to Wilson leathers "Yeah the coat store" and picked up a leather phone case with velcro closure that fits the 600 perfectly, but really want one that I dont have to take it out of the case to use the phone.

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    Just ordered mine. Thank you for the info. It looks great! I don't even have my phone yet Waiting for the T-Mobile (270 Upgrade).

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