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    For the Treo 600 I need all the basics in a case; belt clip, front flap, sturdy and graspable. But I'm fearful of something that maybe overlooked, this thing has a glass screen. Pictures can't tell me if I fall on the ice with my treo will the screen survive.
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    nokia has a horizontal case (part # csl-20 i think) that I use and is pretty rugged. it protects just about the entire phone and the earpiece jack is accessible

    it is not one of those cases with a quick-release clip but I find it really easy to simply open the velcro and snag the phone out in 1 quick-draw motion... there is another thread floading around that has pics of how the treo looks in the case if u do a search

    personally, I didn't think I would like the case at first, but I have grown to love it since when I need the phone, i don't find myself fumbling with trying to hold an oversize case with a quick-release pin sticking out the back and I don't have to worry about plastic covering the screen & keyboard making it awkward to use

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