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    Does anyone have any experience using Cingular's Xpress Mail service on a Treo (300 or 600)?

    Questions if you do:

    Does it "quickly" receive corporate email? What I mean by "quickly" is as opposed to Sprint Business Connect which takes 5-10 seconds to get "dialed in" and then it starts synching your email?

    I was hoping Cingular's service was more like Blackberry email where it pushes the email out almost immediately and with little interruption to receiving phone calls since it doesn't take 5-10 seconds to dial up.

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    A couple of comments....

    When you talk about Sprint BizConn "dialing in" before the sync starts, do you mean Vision starting up if there was no current data connection? As long as Vision is already connected, my synching starts immediately....

    As for Cingular Xpress Mail, I think it's only available right now as a company-version, but I've heard they will also have a Personal version (like BizConn Personal Edition). Xpress Mail has been available on the Treo 270 (basically the equivalent of the Treo 300 on Sprint), and I've been told it will also be available on the Treo 600 from Cingular....

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