I'm new and was hoping to find some answers here. I recently got a treo 180 and a treo 270 from ebay. They both claimed to be unlocked phones. I received the Treo 180 first and found that it worked with my T-Mobile SIM card and a foreign SIM card (from another country as I travel quite a bit). The foreign SIM card worked because the wireless service company uses T-Mobile as the International roaming partner however I had turned it off 2 days ago and today it will only search for a network, find T-Mobile but cannot register the phone. Any ideas why this happened?

Now today I received the treo 270 and tried it out with my SIM cards, and the only available network it can find is AT&T wireless (which I don't use) even with my T-Mobile sim card. does this mean that the ebay seller lied about it being unlocked and in reality it is an AT&T locked phone? Is there any way around this problem?

Also, how does one find out if the treo is a stolen phone? I just noticed the "sealed" box of the 270 and the MSN and IMEI num,bers on the box do not match the numbers on the phone itself.

hope someone here can give me some answers. thanks a lot.