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    Out of curiosity, and I certainly don't mean to quibble (because at least I am fortunate to have a t600 in hand), what is your experience with the T600 battery life? I find that a full charge will carry me through only about two days of what I consider to be pretty normal use: no roaming, 45 minutes of calling each day, e-mail checking hourly, and sporadic use of the calendar. Not a problem since I charge fairly regularly when I get a chance, just curious if this is typical of others experieces because I have seen some posts claiming, for example, 93% of battery life remaining after a day of heavy use.
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    My experience is probably not normal... Indeed, I consider myself something of a power data user...

    I use the Treo about 15 mins a day for phone, 50-100 emails loaded and sent (in Chatter), 200-300 IM's (also in Chatter), and web for news, stock quotes, etc... Much of the day is in a low-signal area, which causes more battery use.

    I'd say that 15-18 hours is what I'm getting, and that's just fine with me (I always recharge at night) considering the enormous value those emails and IM's have to me. (I expect this will improve with some enhancements that are upcoming.)

    On a GSM T600, I'd expect those numbers to be at least 50% better, perhaps as much as 75-100% better, based on my experience on the T270 and T300.

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    I consider myself a HEAVY user. 1-3 hours a day on the phone. Check 3 email accounts at least 2 times an hour. Text messageing. 3-10 pic a day (always uploaded) 1-3 hours a day surfing and checking on stuff via the web as well as SSH.

    I end the day with anywhere from 40-15% battery life each night starting the day with a full charge.


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