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    what's the best find app that's (hopefully) 5 way comp? i'd also like it to search all apps even inside snappermail etc... help?
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    Try Florent Pillet's FindHack. Note that it is no longer a hack and thus is a full app that works on a T600. You can d/l and test it for 15 days to see if you like it before registering.
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    i've been using intellifind and i really like it it just doesn't search through snapper or others the way i'd like it to...
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    ok this finkHack looks VERY promising but one question - how do i launch it? i've set all the settings using it's icon but it says the only way to launch it is using the "find" button - which we do not have
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    The Shift Key on any Treo has a magnifying glass icon. You hit the Option key then this key to launch Find (either the built-in version or FindHack. You of course need to launch FindHack first, activate it and configure it so that it will be the default find app when you go to Option-Find.
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    damn so easy! thanks! findhack was exactly what i was looking for...

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