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    Hello, Chatterers and Potential Chatterers...

    I have pushed back the release of Chatter for one day to allow for some interface changes that will make it easier on new users.

    The website, is up and running with access to the manual and other things of interest.

    As of Friday, there will be an additional link on the Chatter page with instructions for downloading and signing up for accounts.

    Many thanks to my present and past testers for making this so ... fun.

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    As a beta tester, all I can say is GET THIS APP. Marc has done a heck of a job on it, and I endorse it wholeheartedly.
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    I love the screen shot for Sandman the utility that turns off the screen while on the phone
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    I totally agree with JoeTampa. I have said it before and I will say it again (as many times as I can) -- Chatter is by far the most useful and best application I have on my Treo 600. Marc has done a great job of incorporating awesome features into the most recent release and it is definitely worth checking out. Plus Chatter only has a ONE TIME fee for use - no future or annual costs...this makes it even that much better.

    If you have not yet, be sure to head over to to check out the manuals and FAQ because I guarantee once you start using Chatter you will be absolutely amazed and not able to put down the Treo 600!

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    I was there in the beginning, as one of the first groups of testers with the treo 300 version! I wasn't able to continue testing on the 600 (thanx for the 2 week shipping delay HS!) but as I still use it on my 300, it is a great, solid app that is used at least 5 times a day by me. Cheers Marc! Looks like you can add palmos to your coding skills offically now! ;-)
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    I have been using chatter for the past few weeks and I have to say that its probably the best messaging software available for the treo. Much better than verichat or AIM or anything else there is.

    Chatter supports all different services including email.. but even if you use just one service... I'd recommend chatter. It keeps track of all your contacts including their status and away messages. It's server keeps IM's u recieve while on the phone (within a resonable amount of time). It lets you organize and store all your conversations.. you can chose to lock important messages for reference later. It allows you to set your status and away messages. It notifies you of new messages that come in... and allows you to view them in one click. It allows for backround messaging and quick replies... (replies are sent immediately... no waiting for it to connect as in verichat) It starts up and shuts down quickly...

    Those are just some of the features I like.

    Overall its the best messaging client I have ever used
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    what does chatter do that verichat doesn't? how do they compare? just curious (long time verichat user but always open to new apps).
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    what does chatter do that verichat doesn't? how do they compare? just curious (long time verichat user but always open to new apps).
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    Hello just wanted to ask the author or any of the beta testers if the imchatter app will work on the Treo 180 (or 270/300) for that matter or is it only Treo600 ?
    I see form the post above someone was testing on Treo 300. DOes it work fine on that model or are there any compatibility issues.
    Am I right in assuming that I cannot download a trial version anymore ...

    Thanks in advance.
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    I am no longer supporting Chatter on the T270 and T300, although there is an older version that works with both.

    At this point, I am NOT planning on sending out new T270/T300 versions, although I may reconsider it later on.

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    would it be possible to slip in SMS in these apps as well?
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    At this point, it seems to make sense to check out Sprint's offering before deciding what to do with SMS. But yes, I'm interested in adding that to Chatter.

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    yep, i second and third all those other guys. I'm also a Beta tester for the 600 version, and Marc has done a GREAT job. You want to keep in touch? Get Chatter!!!
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    so when can the rest of the world check this out? friday?
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    Tomorrow, yes.
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    Hello Marc
    It seems you have done a great job with the app from all the beta testers' apps. Congrats on that.

    Does your reply mean that you will not be issuing the 'older' version of Chatter that will work on the 180/270

    I'm sure that there are many of us on the forum who are waiting for their respective carriers to launch the Treo 600, and even then may be waiting until they can afford it to acquire one. But it seems a shame to not be able to take advantage of a great app that works on our 'old' treos. Any plans to release the older version of your app (in the state that it is)? Is it an OS issue, or hardware (5-button nav, etc) or the large amount of Treo 600 users that are available now, leaving the treo 180/270 users as a minority ?

    Any info on this matter would help.

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    Just to let you know your site is not "OPERA BROWSER" complient. It is completely blank.
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    Originally posted by mblank
    Tomorrow, yes.
    its tomorrow.. where is this wonderfull creation...
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    Ok, it's FRIDAY!!! Let's do this people.
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Easy man! Marc lives in oregon, so he ain't even awake yet. :-)
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