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    Yes, I really can't wait! It sounds like the ideal Treo 600 program. Very exciting!
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    BTW...the Opera browser should now work with the website.

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    I am indeed awake, though barely. I am putting the latest release candidate through its paces (a tester found a serious bug this morning that was due to a change i made yesterday - oops).

    I think late morning/early afternoon my time is reasonable. I will post, of course.

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    Can't wait! Thank, mblank.
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    Downloaded!! Now the wait for the ID registration! This is reminiscent of that Treo 600 wait!
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    been using chatter since Marc started it on the 270 he really outdid himself on the 600 this is the best chat program out there and i have used all of them. hats off to Marc
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    Hello Marc,

    also here in Germany Treo 600 people are waiting for your proggy.

    Because with my new t600 the old ICQ 2.1 doesn't work anymore.

    Tnx in advance.
    Walter from HMC
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