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    Somehow a piece of dust made it's way under the screen. I found 4 screws on the back of the phone, but removal of these screws proved to be not enough. Does anyone know the secret to removing the back?
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    I am also interested in opening the case to get rid of the rattle in the speakerphone. It is hopeless to get service in Sweden were I live.
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    There are two pre-requisits to opening your t600 buy yourself, you have to either be a genius or a moran. I dont fall into either catergory so I couldn't or wouldn't ever do it! But it sounds like we have found atleast two people who fall into one of them!!!

    Good luck, and start saving another 500 to get another t600 because you will propably break it, and you will definetly void your warranty!!!!!
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    hefty price to pay for a piece of dust
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    You remove the back by finding the two slight semi-semi-circular indents adjacent to the silver sidebars. Of course you need to have removed the four screws in the four corners of the back first.

    Then you press something flat against one of the indents, get it to fit inside, and then twist, press the side of case back "above" and "below" the indent you're working with (relative to the antenna end, and the charge/sync end of the Treo, respectively) to unhook the case back "fingers" that lock with the case front. Now go repeat on the other side.
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    One thing I'd add to mobileusers advice is to use something like a credit card, not a screwdriver to pry the cases apart. Using the correct size card, just press in the groove of the two halfs and slightly twist, and the cases will come apart.

    BTW: This is the best method of prying plastic cases apart on nearly all devices, as you already know what happens when you use a screwdriver.

    good luck

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    #7 has an instructional video on taking the Treo 600 apart. Unfortunately they don't carry many (any) replacement parts.
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    see thread

    I've got a fair bit of experience getting them open ... there are a couple tricks ..

    feel free to e-mail
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    Ok, I had the same issue with one of the Treos I bought and here is what I did. Do this as a last resort though because you could wreck your Treo if you arent careful. If it is under warranty then I'd go back to Sprint before trying anything yourself.

    It really isn't that hard to take the unit apart, but you will be working with a lot of small pieces so be careful not to lose anything.

    To get the dust off, do the following:

    1) Disassemble the outer case (covered in other posts)

    2) Remove the two inside screws to seperate the Treo from the front casing

    3) Remove the screen by sliding the connector out (note which way the ribbon cable goes back in) While this isn't 100% necessary I found that removing the screen allows you to work on the screen independently.

    4) I don't know if this part matters, but I did it just in case. Put a small sticker on the top of the screen so you know which side is up and which side goes on top.

    5) This is the hard part. You need to remove the glass touch screen from the actual screen. They are held together by an adhesive so you need to gently pry them apart with your fingers. Don't crack the glass. Warning - I've only done this 2x with 100% success rate.

    6) Clean the back side of the glass with a soft cloth. Clean the other side of the screen as well.

    7) The adhesive should still be sticky. Put the screen back on the same way you took it off. Use the sticker for orientation.

    8) Slide the ribbon cable back in

    9) Reassemble the Treo

    I have no idea how dust gets behind the screen, but one of the treos I bought on ebay had a bunch behind it. I figure I bought it from a chain smoker.

    Anyway I hope this helps.

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