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    We've heard from the west coast, etc. How about Houston people? What's a good provider here? I've had ATT for several years. Not too bad but I am about to BITE myself because they aren't rolling out the 600 (yeah I saw it on the web too...for about 10 seconds....on Monday). For someone who is not a power user, no traveling... whaddaya think? T-Mo, Sprint? Cingular? ATT?
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    I use Sprint. No problems. FWIW, my 300 had much better coverage than my 180 (with TMO).
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    Same here, no problems with Sprint - well, except for customer service that is. I've had no reception problems anywhere in the Houston area. I've tried almost all of the major carriers at one point or another, and even though I've sworn off Sprint more time than I can count, I'm still with them. That has to count for something, right?
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    Sprint = great coverage, great new toys, newest geek features and high speed data.

    Sprint also is the worst customer service, although I have had very good results when going into the Sprint Company Store near Willowbrook. Online CS is horrid.

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    Does anyone have experience or know of folks with TMo and data plans. I'm waiting (have on order through blt) a GSM version, so Sprint is out of the question (i need it overseas). ATT seems way to high for unlimited data use ($80!) and I already have TMo which seems to work great here in Houston under "voice" use. Any thoughts?
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    RF so far has been the best for me... but i'm comparing it to my 8100.

    Early today i was at American Shooting center off of Westhiemer and Hwy 6 5 mins from West Oaks Mall.

    At the firing line, I was barely getting one bar. It's is a outdoor shooting range so there was very little chance of interference. Once i left the range and headed clsoer to the mall. My RF began to improve.

    FYI... My 8100 Had full strength the whole time...

    Even with one bar I'm always able to make phone calls. The only thing can't do is send SMS, but i send SMS msgs like a madman so when it doesn't work i get upset!
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    I researched Cingular and AT+T, but they don't have unlimited data plans. I don't use my phone that much (minutes wise), and service was going to cost upwards of $80 a month.

    TMo and Sprint are the only unlimited data. TMo is $20 - Sprint is $15. When I spoke with a Treo 600 user here in town, he said the Sprint data time was twice as fast. That and $5 a month sold me on Sprint.

    Yes Sprint's customer service can stink, but I have found if you hang up and call back, eventually you will find a service-oriented person.

    Also, no Sprint stores in Houston had the phone that I could find. I went to Fry's and they had a bunch! And the folks there were very nice to deal with.

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