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    Well, luckily enough, Qualcomm has provided us with such a solution: GSM 1X. I had a talk about this the other day over on Hofo.

    I do disagree on some points though...You seem to be saying that UMTS will emerge. And UMTS=WCDMA=3GSM. Currently, NTT DoCoMo in Japan is running the only (cough, somewhat) viable WCDMA network, though it has been frought with problems. And DoCoMo's services are call, in fact, if you are promoting WCDMA, then iMode would not shrink, it would expand. I presonally think that CDMA2000 will emerge as more commonly adopted than WCDMA because it is currently just working better in many more countries

    Basically, GSM 1x is a CDMA2000 technology that is compatible with both GSM and CDMA2K. I think that it is a standard that many providers will find attractive. WCDMA is really having a hard time being implemented and I think that we will see more providers looking toward CDMA2K since its implementation has been much more successful in several countries. GSM 1x networks would sell CDMA2K or dual mode (GSM & CDMA2K) handsets while operating their subscribers on 3g CDMA2K while still being able to enjoy roaming revenue from GSM travelers.
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    My understanding is that GSM is running on top of TDMA. So if GSM becomes king, so would TDMA in fact. This means it would be incorrect to say that TDMA is going to disappear as GSM takes over.

    Here is a link that supports that:
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    No, GSM is a "type" of TDMA network, which just means that it does Time Division Multiple Access (which is a general technology).

    GSM is its own network and doesn't run on top of TDMA.
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    1) agendus pro 7.04
    2) contacts 5.0
    3) epocrates rx pro
    4) verichat
    5) snappermail
    6) warfare
    7) monopoly
    8) pocket tunes deluxe /shoutcast
    9) resco photo
    10) kinoma player
    11) web pro 3
    12) pocket quicken
    13) stock manager
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    Originally posted by wmf

    Pontificate away! MochaTelnet offers a more comprehensive set of features if you are really serious about needing access to remote *nix boxes. Spoofs an 80 character screen, macros, screen keyboard to get those specialized characters out there (try to do a pipe "|" on TopGun) and function key support.

    TuSSH is "prettier" but not as useful.

    You do need to go back a version on Mocha for the low res screen on the Treo600
    That means they updated since the last time I picked up a version. I have both the SSHv1 capable version and the SSHv2 capable version on my 600.

    I should buy it. If it were 5 way capable I already would have.
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    Awesome thread. Here are some more that I did not see mentioned:

    Call Filter (might have been mentioned)
    Dartz (cool real life dart game)
    Doodle (drawing program)
    EzFTP (another FTP program)
    Fish Tycoon (An AWESOME game where you take care of fish)
    Plant Tycoon (Grow plants)
    Skinner (Change those horrible looking dialpad buttons)
    Tube (a cool map program, with subway routes and streets)

    Please keep up the good work on this thread. This has been VERY informative for me. I've already tried about 5 apps from here. Thanks everyone.
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    backupman - a treo lifesaver and very cheap
    hilauncher - easy to use launcher, also cheap with great support
    solebon solitaire - great graphics
    file z - indispensible free utility for managing stuff on your cards
    kinoma - free video prog to impress your mates with videos on the treo
    splash id - comes with good mac desktop companion for ease of data entry, a lot of the software I fancy getting doesn't have the same mac stuff as windoze
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibanyan
    I don't get why people still buy into tdma, cdma and other useless non-gsm technologies.
    My two reasons
    1) Bandwidth. Sprints CDMA has two to three times the bandwidth. (EV-DO will also be dramtically better than edge.)

    2) Coverage. Many people, like myself don't spend much time in europe. (despite my wifes great desire to the contrary.) In my area (SF Bay Area, Mid-Peninsula), and many other US areas, Sprint and Verizon's coverage is vastly superior to GSM. I'm always fairly happy the coverage wherever I go. GSM is unbelievably spotty in the bay area.

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