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    I've used the ProClip mount for my Treo300 for a year and love it. I emailed ProClip to see if they were coming out with a T600 version and they said.

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry on the new Treo 600. We are hoping to release a holder for that device very soon, hopefully yet in November. I will keep your email on file and notify you as soon as it becomes available.

    Best Regards,
    Jenny Spilling
    ProClip USA
    US Toll Free: 800-296-3212
    Tel: +1 608-838-8950
    Fax: +1 608-838-8949

    Check out their site, I just with they had one ready for my car already.

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    Yeah, some of us have already seen this and posted here...although when I got the email it was early November and now it might not even be that.

    Apparently they're having trouble getting a dummy unit from HS to build the thing.

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