Look, it is July 2005 now, and the multitude of problems have not been fixed. I purchased a Treo 600 several months ago, in order to use as a modem wherever I happen to be in the United States. My Treo 600 does not need updated firmware or software according to the Palm website. I have the lastest PDANet refresh, not difficult, as it has not been updated in months.

Within the t-mobile two week trial period, although I had problems, I thought I'd be able to work around them with various tweaks, etc. I was wrong.

stock USB hotsync cable
unlimited data plan
2 pcs: 1 toshiba laptop celeron, 1 custom Shuttle XPC P4 2.8. Problems are manifest on both systems.

Major Problems:

-Internet connection lost, yet a reboot is required because the "modem" is still in use or cannot be found. This is the worst one, because it is the most time consuming to resolve, and can happen multiple times in a row. Mainly, this is the reason why a telephone dial-up modem is more reliable.

-Internet disconnects. Able to reconnect immediately, but a pain as it tends to happen more frequently the longer you have been using the internet on that day. First disconnect may happen at 30 minutes, then 15 minutes, then it is happening every 30 seconds or sooner. This is a pain because now the connection is not reliable enough to download files.

Minor problems:

-Various PDAnet connect errors. Can be resolved by trying to reconnect again, and again.

-Hanging at "trying to logon". Can usually be resolved by waiting a minute, or disco/reco.