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    Thought this was cool... who else would appreciate the next generation Treo more than this crowd... even if it has 4 wheels.

    Jeep Treo Concept

    Expected availability probably around the same time as the US GSM Treo 600...
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    Pretty slick!

    Maybe the next PalmOne Treo can come bundled with it
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    Volkswagen had a similar promotion with the New Beetle and iPods.

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    I see some lawyers already licking their chops and getting out their trademark case law manuals.....

    'lessee...Treo...yes, HAND/pOne nabbed that back in '01. Marge! get me the number for Jeep/Daimler....' (then thinking to himself - 'wonder if I need to be able to speak German'). "Marge - get my German/English dictionary!"

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