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    I bought the case for my Treo from Krussell... I love it. Problem is... it's always possible for it to fall... especially if worn on your belt under a coat... it happened this weekend... went out to do some errands... got home... reached for my Treo and it was gone! Luckilly, the person who found it called me immediately and we met the following day... so now I learned my lesson... does anyone know where I can find a decent chain to attach to the loop on my treo (or the one on my case?" I have had NO luck on any supplier's websites. Thanks!
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    Check out this site: Rivet Equipped

    Best fastener I've ever owned and the Coolest!

    I've been using it with my Treo 270 and a Krusell flip cover. Now, I'll use it with my new Treo 600 when it comes.
    I would have lost my phone almost every day if I didn't tether it. Found it "dangling" all the time.
    Products are just too cool. Worth every penny.
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    Thanks! It looks pretty cool - which components are you using?
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    I used the Rave Star application. Works better than those elastic/rubberband-type pager chains.

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    I'm assuming you have a Treo 600, right? Any chance you could post a picture or two of your Krusell case? I can't find any photos of it on their website.
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    Actually no... it's a 300 - this is my first endeavor into the PDA world... got sick of lugging around my Franklin Planner... and needed a new cellphone anyway - so I figured I would try it out - and so far... I love it!

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