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    Does anyone have any experience and recommendations wrt the ssh & telnet clients for PalmOS listed here..

    ..which are..

    PalmOS..........= SSH clients for
    PalmOS including:

    - TGssh, a SSH 1.x

    - Mocha Telnet for
    Palm OS, a SSH 1.x

    How well do they work? Have you tried them on a T600?


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    topgun ssh works great on 270's. I'll let you know about 600's when I get mine from tmo
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    Mocha is now out with a SSH2 client, works great!
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    I was a big fan of Top Gun SSH and it's still a stable product, but Mocha Telnet gets my vote now. Better emulation, more features.
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    Can you folks please post pointers to (legit download sites for TopGun & Mocha?


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    I use TuSSH which is free and supports only SSH1. It's not as nice as Mocha Telnet which is the only client that I've seen with SSH2 support and all, but TuSSH is free, so you can't complain. Mocha Telnet definitely has the best features of all the ones that I've used. Top Gun doesn't impress me at all and I removed it from my Treo right away. Here's some links for you.

    Mocha Telnet


    Top Gun

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