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    It doesnt matter what program I am using or if I am just using the phone on my T6.. My phone keeps on soft reseting on its own. Does anyone else have this problem. My hardware Rev is A. I am thinking I need to just call and try to get a new phone. I have tried a hard reset a couple of times now... nothing helps.
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    FWIW I have a Rev A phone and have an issue with a very repeatable soft reset. From a poll done awhile back most people have C phones and most times people seem to have hardware issues they also have Rev A. I sent my phone back to Sprint for another but still got a REv A phone. The minute the local store has them in stock I am going to make them give me a rev c phone. I think the Rev A ones are chock full of issues. When I called Handspring their techs (Up through level II) didn't even know they were shipping their different revisions and thought I was making it up!
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    I'm using Rev A with no problems whatsoever. The only time I get a reset is if I am doing something stupid (like trying out an app that I know may not be compatable). When you say you do a hard reset, are you then restoring everything again by doing a hotsync? That will just restore all the problem software!
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    nope I reinstall everything one by one... different orders... etc. still same result. LOCK UP!
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    No, you shouldn't reinstall ANYTHING. Do a hard reset, don't hotsync at all or reinstall anything. Use the phone for a few days. If you still get resets, THEN you have a hardware problem.
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    Ditto! ALso, when it does Reset, dail ##377 (if it's a T600) and see what cased the crash.

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