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    OK, so Docs2Go is supposed to support native Word docs right? I copy a Word doc to the SD card via a USB gizmo I have (like a thumb drive that takes an SD card). I then pop the SD card out and put it in the Treo, but then I don't see anything on the card?

    Any ideas?

    I am pretty adept at Palm, etc. but this is my first OS5/SD capable device.

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    i believe you need to use the docs to go sync program to put it on the treo's sd card.

    the file will stay in native word format vs the wordtogo (it'll be bigger, but native word). the file on the SD card will probably be a PDB file, but packaged in it will be a native word file. also, when beaming to/from others, the file will stay in it's native word format, but as a PDB file.

    get it now? PDB, btw, is Palm Data Base

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