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    It seems that in the last week my battery meter constantly has an X through it. Right now it has an X through it but when I click on it it says 100%.

    Also, my home charger doesn't seem to charge it anymore. The green light on top never goes to red for some reason.

    Any ideas?


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    Short term solution: Try a soft reset.
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    I did one better and did a hard reset and I still get it.

    Now, 20 minutes later, I went from 100% with an X to 0% with an X

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    My battery charge light never turns green. I charged all night long. Any ideas?
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    Originally posted by gkaatz
    My battery charge light never turns green. I charged all night long. Any ideas?
    I had that problem too. I was on a Rev. B phone. The light never changed to green until I did a Hard Reset. It went green but a full charge barely lasted me a whole day. SPCS techs said to return the phone as it wasn't holding a charge.

    I was experiencing a TON of active sessions even though my phone was on "stand by" with the keyguard on.

    I did and received a Rev. C device with a much improved battery life.

    Hopefully you'll be okay with a Soft Reset too.
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    Thanks for the update... I already have revision C..

    I called Sprint and they're sending me a new one, should be here Friday. I called Handspring and they told me I was the first one with this problem. They're calling me back..

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    Well, neither Sprint nor Handspring could fix my problem. They both offered to replace the phone. Sprint sent one out overnight and Handspring said it would take 1-2 weeks.. Guess who I took up on their offer?

    I guess this is one time where Sprint came through.

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    My wife's Treo 600 now displays the constant "X" through the battery. Nothing has corrected this. Had anyone found a fix, other than having Sprint send a new one?

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    I couldn't fix it at all and had to send it back.. Sorry for the bad news..

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    I had the same prob. 1st, the red x started appearing in the batt meter. then, when the x was present, the unit wouldn't charge and the charge percentages were consistently wrong. no red charge light either. sometimes, the unit would shut down without warning due to dead battery. i lived with it for a few weeks... until it started going into a "network search" mode and lost connections. i initially thought this condition was aggravated by the use of the speaker phone, which taxed the battery more... and it seemed to consistently screw up with speaker phone useage. the whole thing became unuseable. i called and emailed sprint and handspring.... which led me to about 40 total minutes of hold time, until a sprint rep advised me to take it to a sprint store. i did, and they told me they couldn't do an exchange... they would check the phone out and order me one if warranted. 10 minutes later, the rep returned and told me my phone had failed "hp" whatever that is... and she would replace my unit right there on the spot. YEA! she did. a hassle overall, but worth it. they are trying... as is handspring... i got to give them that. besides.... other than that the phone is excellent.
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    I'm starting to get the Network Search problem and once had the "X" through my battery as well. Very troublesome. To make matters worse, this morning, I took my treo off the charger with a green LED, but when i turned it on, it had done a hard reset on its own! Once off the charger, the battery was only at 37%.

    Looks like a hardware replacement is gonna be necessary.
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    I phoned into sprint cust serv and they told me to take it into a sprint store for replacement. upon doing so, the store rep told me they would have to order one for me and send it to me. i said fine... but they asked to test my treo first. 10 min later, the rep returned, and said my treo failed and they replaced it on the spot. HATS OFF TO SPRINT! the new one works perfectly... (rev. C) .

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