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    does anyone know whether treo 600 has voice memo (record a memo to yourself?) if so, how does it work? thanks, R. pls.feel free to-mail @
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    No it doesnt
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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih
    No it doesnt
    sucks, doesn't it.
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    In the meantime you can just call yourself and leave a voicemail. Sure it takes a few more steps than if it was some nifty included software program, but it does the job.
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    no, i think this workaround still sucks. The whole beauty of voice memo is that it's so much faster than having your friends stand around in silence watching you thumbtype info into your device. With voice memo, you just hit a button and talk, and you're done. There's no painful interuption in the flow of conversation.

    Making a phone call to yourself would be worse than just typing in the info.
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    oops - in rereading my reply, I really didn't mean for it to sound so harsh! I just can't believe HS didn't include a voice memo in a voice-communication device!

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