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    Is it just me or Sprint or something else?

    I notice this mostly when using the headset. When I answer a phone call, I click the button and say 'Hello'. The caller never hears the first Hello. I have to say it two or three times before the sound reaches the caller.

    I have called another Treo 600 user and if I listen very closely I can hear them say hello but it is as if they have cotton in their mouth. Then when they say hello the second time, I hear them fine for the rest of the call.

    Is there a setting to reduce the lag time?

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    my wife has mentioned the same thing to me. and I've also experienced this when calling my house (I was griping at her, saying 'why aren't you saying anything'). I had the same thing with the 300, so maybe there's some delay with the CDMA radio, with answer supervision, or maybe it's the how the CDMA network interacts with our Treos, or maybe it's aliens or something.

    I'm sure it's not fixable, so we just have to live with it. Not a big deal, to me....
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    I had this problem intermittently with my 300...but the delay lasted 10-15 seconds. In fact ultimately I returned my 300 because the problem didn't go away. People would hang up on me while I was waiting for my phone to start working at the beginning of a call! Sprint took one stab at resolving the problem by resetting some software parameters on my account, but that didn't work. I haven't noticed the problem with my 600.
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    i think it's the service, not the phone, my treo 600 does it; my sanyo 5300 did it. i just trained myself to wait a half second before saying hello when anwering my phone. no one on the other end has complained or hung up on me yet!
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