I just wanted to post some ideas I felt would be good for the treo. So hopefully someone is working on it and I can help , or someone has already created it.

Here are some ideas

1. A program that would allow to validate a piece of software you left at home on your computer. "to be sync wirelessly" ( how times have you deleted a program or file that you wish you would have keep)

2. a program for the 300 that would allow you to send a request for a link to be download onto you computer , then validated for hotsync. "wirelessly" ( Just like the 600)

3. A program to goto certain web site and only display what info you want "like sprint minutes used, or account balnce" ( like Pqa but compatible with 600d

4. a program that can automaticly send you a sms from you computer, given certain events or schedule you set up " like some try to log on or programcrash"