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    Doom, what happened to the third person reference?

    As in, "Dr Doom commands you to answer his PTT beep, minion!!"

    Doom inspired me some time back, to start referring to myself in third person, so he needs to keep it going! Heed the direction of nrosser, Doom!!
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    Originally posted by treoZilla
    so fastchat will give us PTT now? anyone actually tried it?
    Faschat, according to the link I provided, will only work with GSM/GPRS phones on the Symbian platform. Thus, no functionality for the Treo. But this Kodiac thingy does sound interesting....

    Furthermore, people you do realize that you don't have to use the speaker phone for PTT right? You can easily just use the regular mic/speaker to make PTT calls w/o using the obnoxious Nextel-like walkie-talkie functionality! Anyway, what I really would like to know is what type of latency will this thing have and how will it compare to Sprint's RL? RL will most likely be an additional add-on fee with Sprint (rats!) and thus not appealing to many users. Furthermore the Treo600 won't be RL capable regardless, so it's a moot point. But is this Kodiac thing can deliver PTT via 1xrtt utilitizing unlimited data, than that would be cool...
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