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    Hi all,

    Glad to see that there is a forum for these clever little gadgets, as I find the folk on forums more knowledgeable and understanding than the folk who are employed by the maunfacturers (generally speaking).

    I have a couple of newbe questions and would be grateful if some one could point me in the right direction.

    #1. I cannot seem to find a mention of an alarm on the 600. I am assuming that there is one somewhere...... anyone know where. This is a useful function for me.

    #2. I downloaded one of those excellent wallpaper images that one of our fellow members produced. I followed the instructions implicitly, but the image failed to appear in my images area. It did go from the Transfer file on my pc though (????? where'd it gone????).

    #3. Can anyone recommend any additional software that will allow me to file stuff in folders rather like windows. Maybe its already got that capability, but I have not managed to figure it yet if its has. Any suggestions on where I should obtain this software would be useful too.

    Sorry for the 3 in 1 mailing. Thank you inadvance for any assistance that anyone can give.


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    Hi there Gem_man,

    Kevin from Handspring here. I wanted to try to answer your questions and help get you started with your new Treo. The first thing I’d like to recommend is that you check out the Handspring customer support pages, where you can find most of the information you’ll need as you set up and use your Treo.

    1. The Treo 600 does have an alarm function. You can set alarms in the Organizer function.

    2. How do I change my Treo 600's Phone wallpaper? This page should help:

    3. I can’t recommend specific software that does exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s the link to palmOne’s software site, where you should have no problem finding what you need.

    Hope that helps,
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    Kevin Michaels
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