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    Got my Treo 600 this morning (in the UK - fone is locked to the Orange network).

    Anyone know a straightforward way to unlock it to Vodafone? I have seen instructions to unlock other Treo's but not this one.


    Cheers - Matthew
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    as yet there is no "simple" way to unlock the Treo 600.
    I want to do mine which is on orange and I cannot find any shops or market stall that do it yet. No one on the internet offers this yet either.

    Although Orange will do it for 20pounds if you pay your year's line rental up front(assuming you go the phone new or as an upgrade and are locked into 1 years new contract).

    I am on everyday 50 so it works out about 15 p/month X 12 upfront + 20 quid and they will ring you up with the unlock code which is unique to your IMEI number.

    Orange have been a bit slow to do this so far and I know there is a problem with the Code Generator handspring supplied to Orange.

    I am waiting for orange to get back to me.

    The way I see it I will have to pay for the years line rental anyway so there is no extra cost involved. The problem is that my T-Mobile work SIM does not have any GPRS package enable so I cannot use it to surf the web, thus meaning 2 sims on me at all times.

    Of course you could wait a year and then they would unlock it as you would be out of contract

    Good luck with Orange!

    If you do find out how to do it simply do let me know


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    Orange UK have now resolved their problem with availability of codes & should be able to do this for you quite quickly.

    My problem was that I bought the phone on a 25 per month package, and would obviously be downgrading that to the minimum after the first 3 months, but the Unlocking Team wouldn't accept that - so I foolishly paid 12 x 25 upfront last week...

    Once I've downgraded the monthly package I will be ahead of my payments, but I'll have to wait a year to get the difference back! And they charged me 3 on my bill for not paying by Direct Debit!

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