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    Is it possible to assign application to various keys?
    FOr example, I would like to press Silver Key + Z and have the Zap!2016 start.

    How can this be done?
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    You can do this from the main Phone screen. In the favourites screen (press up on the 5way) you can assign a key to any of your favourites. Eg on the phone screen I press and hold B to launch PalmReader (B for books you see :-) )

    This only works in the phone screen (obviously).
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    Originally posted by drizzy
    Is it possible to assign application to various keys?
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    doesn't seem that colauncher works with keyboard devices. only with graffitti?
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    I've seen numerous people talk about using CoLauncher on here, so I assume it works the same with either grafitti or thumboards. Instead of drawing the grafitti letter, you just type the key. Quite a few people even listed this program in the what are your killer apps? thread that's going on right now about everyone considers "must-have" programs... so guess it's useful.
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    Treo Butler allows you to access your favourites (as defied in the phone app) from anywhere.
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    CoLauncher is a thing of beauty on the Treo, since it DOES work exceedingly well with keyboard devices. In short, with CoLauncher you assign one of the application keys as your hotkey, and then you can assign virtually any other button on your Treo to an app. Once you've got it configured, you press your hotkey + button, and it launches whatever app you've assigned. For example, on my Treo, "hotkey + s" launches SnapperMail, and "hotkey + p" launches Palm Reader. In general, I've been able to assign most of my apps to their corresponding letter of the alphabet, which makes things easy to remember.

    I like the concept of TreoButler, since you don't even need to press a hotkey. You just press and hold "s", for example, and it will launch Sanppermail (if you've got it configured that way). The problem I have with TreoButler is that it is not compatible with KeyCaps600, which is another essential app that I cannot live without.
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    I find quick switch to work the best you can assign multiple apps to each button. When you hold the button down it brings up the list of apps to scroll through. Once you remember the order of the apps you just tap the hardware button x# of times to go to that app.
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    I use Hi-Launcher and find it works well

    you assign a trigger key which then pops up a scrolling list of your apps or special Palm actions
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    gasguru-i originally had an incompatibility problem with keycaps600 and treobutler, with the long press issue. i solved it by activating the double and triple press only for keycaps600, so the long press to activate an app with treobutler still works. now I've got the best of both worlds!

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