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    I'm one of the fortunate ones to own an unlocked GSM 600 since last week (bought from a Singapore dealer). My impressions so far:

    The Positives:
    - the looks, feel (form factor) are superb!
    - the functionality is terrifc, one of the most user friendly smartphone I've tried (as an ex-user of the Tungsten W), the 600 is out of this world!
    - the screen's brightness is brilliant
    - the speaker is of high quality for a phone (MP3 via pocket tunes). Sound is not "tinny" like some other small speakers.
    - weight is acceptable
    - size is neat & acceptable (though perhaps slicing down a bit of the width might hv been even better)
    - the phone reception is very good, loud and clear for both incoming and outgoing calls

    The Negatives:
    - the camera, while adequate, is simply bad for indoor shots. For outdoors, acceptable w/ adequate light
    - the screen resolution is particularly bad when viewing the shots taken by the 600. Even if you get decent shots taken (sharp and clear), it will turn out fazy (not sharp) when viewed on the 160x160 screen.

    The Analysis:
    Yep, like so many treo lovers (this is my first experience w/ a Handspring product BTW), Hawkins definitely made the wrong decision on the screen res choice. While so much has been said about priority for longer battery life, my experience with the battery is that it's only of average performance. The longest time I had was about 5 days, and this is on and off, using a mix of applications, mp3 and phone. But I guess it's difficult to measure its performance without any benchmarks.

    Though it cost me an arm and a leg to get it first-hand (local dealers still not avail.), I'm pretty satisfied with its overall looks and functionality. Can't wait for a 2nd generation w/ better screen and camera etc. (and perhaps a lower price!)

    PS: I use an Apple Powerbook G4 with Panther. Hv hotsynced without any problems - it's smooth and silk!
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    I used a Nokia 6310i before using the Treo and although the Treo's speaker is acceptably clear, I still prefer the 6310i's. The Treo's is less crisp to my ear. Phone reception is adequate -- comparable to 6310i.

    Battery life is acceptable, although considered short compared with non-smartphones. I get about 2 days of use (about 10 calls a day, normal use PIM, a little gaming and MP3).

    I agree with everything else that you wrote.

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