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    Ok geeks... we have a situation here. has the Sprint Treo 600 for $599 less $200 in rebates = $399. And that price is for EVERYONE! Forget about the "we'd like to thank you for being a loyal customer by offering you a special discount" crap.

    The T600 price is dropping by the day and wise are those who can hold back patiently for another month or two!
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    Read the small sprint. Says "New Service Activation Required"...
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    If you're new to Sprint, you can get it here and support this site, TreoCentral! TreoCentrals ads are all over regarding buying it here. There's a $150 Sprint service credit (prob just like Amazon) and a $50 mail in rebate.
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    Once local number portability takes effect, will it still be able to transfer your number if you purchase the handset though TreoCentral?


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