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    I just ordered my 600 and have yet to play with a functional model. I've read a few posts from users complaining that the vibrate mode isn't strong enough. I NEVER use the audible ringers on my phones. Any one else care to chime (or vibrate) in?
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    I can say that the vibrate function is not what I'd like it to be.

    To compare, my last three phones were a Samsung 6100H, Samsung A500 and a Samsung A620. They were of similar vibrate strength and I even felt them when I was walking. The Treo 600 feels more like a speaker that is turned up way too loud.

    The only saving grace (and I don't think it's even that much of a save) is that the Treo 600 does patterned vibrate to possibly help you notice it more. It's something like a morse code of short-short-long, short-short-long.

    I'm a lot like you and right before the Treo 600, if I ever happened to have my phone on ringer, I wouldn't even know if it were ringing because I didn't know what it was set to since I used vibrate nearly 98% of the time.

    Anyone have any suggestions for alleviating this problem?

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