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    It has come to my attention that alot of people have taken advantage of textamerica's free services to create you own picture moblog. Basically ehat that means is you have your own little webiste, where you just send pictures to them from your treo via email and they will post it looking very pro and all. Then you can add comments, others can... Its all very organized and great way to shar pics. (Go to

    Anyways, I just started mine now(barely anything on it), it is gonna be a crazy crazy one, not just of my regular life but a whole bunch of crazy stuff, artistic.
    Anyways, here's mine:

    Post yours no matter what it is, and let everybody see it! Keep this alive and let the community see your moblog!
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    I'm sure this text will be moved to another appropriate forum but here's my "blogdition"
    Treo Moblog:
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    I used to have mine in my signature, but I couldn't get it to be hyperlinked, so I took it off.
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    Most of the images will probably be from a Canon Powershot S200, but I'll be posting them mobile from the Treo (when i finally get it). There will be no computer involved.

    I suppose I'll probably use the Treo's camera a bit too.
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    Its always interesting on Twitter @joelb
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    Sorry for perhaps asking a dumb question here, but has anyone else had problems uploading pics to textamerica? I've been trying for ever to upload pics to my account and doesn't seem to work at all! Am I doing something wrong here? I'm using the HS email app to email pics as attachments. Any thoughts would be appreciated...
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    I had a few problems too when uploading pictures. I wound up having to upload them from my mail program on my mac to get it to work. What I'd do is upload, and then check on that screen with all the options (Click on the link that says picture management or something). That's where you can confirm if your message was received.

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