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    Does anybody else have a problem with using Business Connect web access to their personal contacts, corp contacts and documents? I can access all of these features from my T600. And I used to be able to access these features from my home desktop PC just by logging onto the BC web site.

    However, since I've upgraded to my T600 all I get when I login to the BC web site from my home PC is my Inbox. Before the upgrade (or there abouts) on the lefthand side of the web page (from my desktop PC) I had the expected menu bar "Inbox, Mailfolders, Calendar, Personal Contacts, Corp Contacts and Documents". Now when I'm logged in from my desktop PC, all it says is "Web Access" without the menu bar below it. I have verified that my BC client application running on my work PC has the proper boxes checked to share document folders. And as I mentioned above, I can access all these things from my T600. But it is very frustrating not to be able to access them from a fast PC connection as well.

    Just as a note, I'm using Internet Explorer 6.0.28 as my web browser, The BC documentation says it supports IE 5.5, but I don't think that is the issue since I haven't changed anything recently with my web browser.

    Any ideas or suggestions would really be appreciated. THANKS!
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    I see those various folder headers on the left side of my BC web access - just like always.
    I'm clueless as to why you wouldn't have visibility to those....
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    SHayes - Hmm... this is a strange one. Here's some quesitons to start:

    1. What Mail server are you using?

    2. Is the Desktop connector configured to have access or just the WebMail connector? Or both?

    3. Do you have more than one connector configured? Like a Pop3 or an IMAP.

    4. From the Webmail interface does it show a single connector link in the left hand column or multiple ones? If it is a single one it should just say "Business Connection Client"

    Let's start there before we get into looking at a log file.

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