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    A month ago, as I was making the decision as to whether or not to upgrade to the 600, I called the Handspring/Sprint phone number (877-789-3969) to find out the details. I informed them that I was an existing Sprint customer whose contract had expired, and was interested in obtaining the $100 credit to sign up for another 1-year contract. They said "fine", but that it had to wait until after I received my new Treo 600.

    The 600 arrived today. I call up the above number to enable my phone and arrange for the service credit. I am curtly informed that I am not entitled to the service credit since I am an existing Sprint customer. I inform them of what I had been initially told, as well as pointed them to the thread here:

    $150 credit from Sprint

    No dice. I ask to be transferred to a supervisor. I explain things to supervisor. She (claims to) write down the information about aforementioned discussion thread, says she does not have internet access at the moment, but that I should call back later.

    I just called back, only to find out that the supervisor placed a note in my file to the effect that "customer has been informed he is ineligible for any service credits or rebates in purchasing the Treo 600."

    I'm effectively f*cked.

    So much for being polite.

    Those of you who managed to get the credit, congrats...

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    Man, that's too bad.

    I too called Sprint and asked for the $150 service credit for two years, and the first guy I got said there's no such thing for existing customers.

    But, this being Sprint, I simply called back and got a positive answer from the next rep.

    Even though she made that note in your account, I'd still keep calling and trying to explain your situation. With Sprint you get a different answer with every rep you speak to, so in time you're bound to get what you want.
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    Keep calling back.

    If that doesn't work, go to a Sprint PCS store (actual STORE not a BestBuy or anything like that) and get the mail in rebate form.

    I had to push around a CSR today when activating my bf's treo 600 -- she claimed no such ESN swap deal existed. A HA -- if it didn't exist, why don't you look at my account and see that *I* got the ESN swap credit when signing a 2 year agreement after letting my original contract run out and activating my new Treo?

    (okay, there was a slight moment of panic when she looked at my account, because glass is always half empty me thought she may take away my $150 service credit from my acct and say "NEENER NEENER NEENER I FOUND YOU OUT! NO CREDIT FOR YOU! AND YOUR BOYFRIEND TOO!)

    She simply put the $150 credit on my bf's account and all set.

    We have a Vision issue right now from this same CSR, but that's for another thread...
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    I think "I'm So Unpopular" is right about the exisiting customer part... I think the rebate was for new accounts with new phone numbers. Accounts with exisiting phone nubers, even accounts that are expired and shut off, would not make the cut for the rebate... sounds like the reps that are honoring such rebates are mistaken in doing so.
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    The lawyer in me is saying "hmm, no mention of 'existing Sprint PCS customers are not eligible for promotion' in fine print within the offer page."
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    Perhaps I'm stating the obvious, but can't you still send it back for a full refund during the first 14 days.
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    Try calling back to cancell your sprint service. Explain to them that you can start a new contract with AT&T or T mobile and get the treo 600 for a much smaller fee (which is true.) I did this and was able to get a $50 credit and a few other extras which were nice. If they don't budge, send the phone back and go with one of the other companies.
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    The $150 credit from sprintpcs is for treo 300 owners who upgrade to the 600 and sign on for another 2 years. I did it. My plan is still better than anything they offer. $29.99 + $10 for unlimited internet.

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