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    Hi folks,

    I've heard bad things about SanDisk, PNY & Smart SD cards - all relating to them being cheap cards and you get what you pay for basically.

    Two cards that appear to be getting good word of mouth, are a little more expensive but seem to be worth the additional investment are Lexar and Kingston, however, before I started researching this I had never heard of either of them!!

    Can anyone offer some feedback/advice/guidance/first hand experience of either brand of card?


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    I have a Sandisk, but have yet to actually use it because I don't have the Treo yet.

    You can get a Kingston cheap at eCost, it seems:
    $149 - $15 rebate. I paid $149 at eCost for my Sandisk.

    Edit to add: 512MB card.

    I should be getting the SD->CF adapter today, so I'll be trying out my card in my camera. I'll let you know.
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    I'll letcha know how my Lexar card wurks soon as I get some data schlepped onto it.

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    I have been using the Lexar 256mb SD card purchased at a local CompUSA and have been pleased.

    When I first got it - I formatted it in the T600 (as suggested in other threads). I have a Lexar JumpDrive Trio reader which accepts SD, MMC and Memory Stick.

    I have copied and deleted over a gig of data in the past week and it still functions properly. It smells a little funny, but that might just be the Mrs. Paul's fishsticks on my fingers that I had for dinner.

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    I bought the lexar from compusa. they were having a promotion that brought the price down to 59.99. it is a great card and I often move around mp3s and pictures and just listened to ptunes for about 8hrs in albuquerque airport yesterday. no problems whatsoever.
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    See my separate post about Kingston sd card in this topic.
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    Originally posted by mobileuser
    I'll letcha know how my Lexar card wurks soon as I get some data schlepped onto it.
    Ok, so before I left on my last trip I loaded a buncha .ogg -encoded files onto the thing (Lexar x32 256MB SD card) and it works fine.

    I got one of these..

    PNY Technologies
    4-in-1 Adapter [Flash media]

    ..for writing to the card on my laptop -- writing to it is reasonably fast. I can schlep a full 255MB onto it in ~5 min or mebbe less. The combo of the 4-in-1 adapter and the SD card looks like a removable disk drive to the laptop OS (win2k in my present case). I got the adapter at Frys for $40 as I recall. (schlepping big chunks of data to a SD-card-inserted-in-T600 via Hotsync over USB is glacially slow -- but it does work. bottleneck is the USB comm path)

    Oh, and I got one of these...

    Lowepro D-Res 4 Memory Wallet carry my SD card(s) and the 4-in-1 adapter pcmcia card. It works great and was only $6 @ Frys.
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