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    I have been using facer 1.8 and loving it since i got my t600, yesterday the free upgrade to 1.9 beacame available. The only problem I have had with this app is that you cant go to next or previous day with the 5 way nav or do anything else for that matter. But there was an icon you could activate in the advanced menu call "today page gadget" that would give you a left and right arrow which you could press and scroll through the days. My first disappointment came when there was still no support for the 5 way on 1.9 but even worse now the icons will not appear. So the only was to switch between dates is to tap the date itself then scroll to the date you want then scroll back to the done option then it switches dates. That sux A*s!!!! I just sent an email to the developers but I am also posting on this site to see if maybe im doing something wrong or what! Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated
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    Can someone with facer please try this?
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    Go back to and download the update.
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