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    First-timer here.....and new Treo user.

    I have my T600 sitting on a cradle (w/power cord attached) at my desk for syncing & charging. I just noticed something that seems 'odd' to me.... My T600 was fully charged (led was green) and then, after surfing this site for a while, it changed back to red and began charging again. I double-checked the battery status at this point and it said 100%+charging. Shortly thereafter, the led changed back to green again. When it is plugged-in, shouldn't the juice be coming from the cord/cradle rather than the battery? It seems like this could be hard on the battery too....

    Anybody else notice this?

    BTW, I have Rev. B. and am loving it!

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    Could you or someone clarify that?
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    To the best of my knowledge, there are three hardware revisions of the Treo 600 -- A, B and C. Other than some minor cosmetic differences, I'm not sure what else changed between each revision though. But, I happen to have a Revision B unit.

    If you want to find out what revision that you have, go to the Phone Dial Pad and type-in ##786 and press Dial.

    Hope that helps.
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    Sorry about the double post! Gotta be careful with using the 'Back' option after posting, I guess...
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    Thanks for the update. Does anyone have any extra info about this? I can get neurotic about things like not having the latest Revs of SW and FW in my gear at work.

    It'd help me to know the differences and how noticeable or minor they are.

    Thanks all, in advance.


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