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    Here's an idea for a program that I find myself wanting on my Treo 600: a program that will randomly select a picture from among those I have on my Treo, and set it as the wallpaper. For example, I have downloaded a whole bunch of pictures solely for wallpaper use, but it would be neat if I didn't know which one was coming, instead of having to manually change them. Ideally, it would allow you to choose what folder it would look in (I have all my wallpapers in a separate category, titled, creatively, "Wallpaper"). It would also be cool if you could choose the frequency of rotation - e.g., one wallpaper per day, one per hour, one per week, a different one each time you go to the phone app, etc.

    I have no idea if anything like this is out there yet (if it is, I haven't found it). Just a thought for those of you who know how to write programs for PalmOS. Anyone else think this would be fun? Anyone happen to stumble across anything like this?

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    Just did a search for something to do what is previously mentioned here (almost two years ago), and this is the only post I saw for a random wallpaper selector, which would allow me to choose the rotation frequency for pictures on my Treo 650. I'd like this software to be able to choose the background picture (and % fade selection) of my agenda in my calendar and a random picture for the phone view.... is there software that does this yet? (I can't believe there's not...)
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    I am also looking for this software. Seems like this would be something that someone would have made long ago. Is there some programming that blocks this or is it just that no one has taken the time to do this? Please someone reply. Thanks.
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    Does anyone have a lead on this? I have so many wallpapers that I've made. I'd like to be surprised everytime I turn to my phone application!
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    I would like it too!. Except I would like mine to change daily.
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    Apparently there is still nothing on this. I can't for a second believe that this would not have been made unless there is some technical roadblock that makes this impossible. It doesn't seem like that should be the case though. Please, does anyone have any info on this? Thanks.
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    i would buy it in a flash .....
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    any generous programmers out there?
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    Paypal $5.00 each to, and i will text you daily or hourly (for $2.50 extra) and remind you to change your wallpaper.
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    anybody come across a random wallpaper app yet?

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