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    Now in stock. Fits right into the headphone jack. No messing with the stereao headphone adapter!

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    Anyone know whether this place is legit? I find it odd that they have the same product listed as on the HS site, with the same text description and same photo, but it's slightly cheaper, and they have it in stock while HS doesn't yet. Especially because it seems to be a HS-branded product. Does this strike anyone else as odd?
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    Larry, what do you think? Is this place legit?
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    Of course we're legit. We're also an authorized Handspring reseller and have permission to use Handspring text and graphics for promotional reasons.

    All the accessories we carry for the Treo 600 are genuine Handspring products INCLUDING the Treo 600!

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    they're good people. I used them for the hs keyboard when they were the only ones who had it in stock. the price for shipping the earphones seems a bit high.
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    sorry man...obviously I wouldn't have asked had I read your sig and seen that you are affiliated with that site. My bad.

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