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    How would I enter a number while on a call? Very often when I am on a call a number is given to me. On my other phone I would just enter it on the keypad and then when I hang up on my current call, the number is there and all I have to do is hit dial. Is there a way to do this on the treo600 or a hack or something. Thanks in advance.
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    you could open the contacts list (or memo, or anything else where you can type some text) then enter the number, then use the TakePhone extension which will dial any highlighted number.
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    Thanks- not as easy as just entering the number and dialing. But I guess it will have to do.
    Is there maybe a hack that can be written for this?
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    No need to use the TAKEphONE extension - there is a simpler way:

    - While on the call - launch TAKEphONE, go to the "Dial/Create" screen.
    - Here you can enter the number (using the keyboard or the on-screen larger buttons).
    - When you end the call - the number will be there waiting for you to dial.
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