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    I ordered my 600 on October 28th (2 weeks ago).

    No movement yet, but I'm hopeful. Knowing my luck, it will most likely be 3 weeks (instead of 2)

    Has anyone with orders around this same time period ...received any change in status yet???????

    Please give me some hope!
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    Originally posted by Jberm455

    Please give me some hope!
    I have little to spare. How about this?

    Treo 600 in stock, shipping daily!
    Switch to Sprint PCS and buy a Treo 600 for only $399

    Honestly, I do not understand why anyone would want to do business with a vendor that has treated them so shabbily.
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    what if you're already with sprint??

    I'm willing to wait, as I have a good plan, and don't wanna change it (1000 at, unltd n/w @ 8pm, free pcs-pcs, $10 vision data -only $60) just to get the upgrade rebate price of $450...

    I already have a treo 300, and got the 399 price. I can wait...

    Besides, the real reason that Sprint is in stock is because we are finally shipping the REST of our initial supply from OUR warehouses in Kentucky and Kansas City. We still havent gotten our second batch from Palm1 yet...
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    I called to see what the deal is. C/S said that orders placed on the 23rd were sent out only as of Friday (11/7)

    So it will most likely be another full week (3rd week) before people (like me -- who ordered it on the 28th) receive their order!

    GEE WIZ Is their a light at the end of this tunnel?
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    Originally posted by Jberm455

    GEE WIZ Is their a light at the end of this tunnel?
    End? What end?

    At least they took your order. Have you no gratitude?

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