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    Sorry if someone has already talked about this, I searched and couldn't find anything.

    Using the included headset seems to cause the t600 to disconnect from calls as if I'm hanging up. No call faded, or lost connection.

    Using the optional headset it still happens but a lot less frequently. In a 10 minute span last night with the original headset it happened 10 times. I switched to speaker phone and talked for another 30 minutes with out a problem. Later I used the optional headset and it only happened once.

    Any thoughts to what might be causing this?
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    Sorry for the bump, but in my defense... I did wait a long time before using bumpage
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    quick thought . . . a short in the wire on the headset. try calling someone on the headset, then bend the headset wires in different places to try and condsistently reproduce the problem
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    Tried that, I've not found a place in the cable that seems to cause it yet. The High-Performance headset does the same thing just not near as frequent.

    I take it that no one else has seen this happen?
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    my wife's did the same thinl like 4 weeks ago when we first got it. just asked her now . . . says doesn't happen anymore . . . go figure

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