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    newgroups reader for the treo 600

    does anyone know of and newgroups reader/poster software from the treo 600
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    it does not work on the treo 600
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    yahOff Sucks
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    Here's one that's known to work. I installed it and have no software issues, but I don't really understand how to use it (yet).

    Check out msgagent:
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    The easiest Newsgroup reader is to just go to google and and make sure you click for the full version. This will show the "Groups" button. When you do a search it will show Newsgroup responses pertaining to your search. You can click on the groups link and bookmark them directly.

    Someone probably has amore streamlined approach to this, but it works for me.
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    Yanoff 1.5 works just fine on my Treo 600 ...... I've had no problems with it. Did you set up your NNTP server?
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    Yanoff works with the T600, but it's not a very good newsreader. I find it hard to believe that with all the thousands of PalmOS programs out there, that Yanoff is the best available. I'd love to find something that supports downloading binary files...
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    I don't disagree that Yanoff leaves a lot to be desired ...... but what are the altnernatives? What do you use?

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