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    Does the Sprint T600 calendar show major US holidays? If not, what othe r free calendar does?
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    Head over to . You'll see a series of files named "200x ___ Holidays", i.e., 2004 USA Holidays, 2003 Thai Holidays, etc. Most are zipped, and contain a .dba file. Instructions are in the files, but the bottom-line = you open a dba file from within your Palm Desktop. The info is then populated throughout the calendar app, each as an untimed event. When you sync, the holidays wind up on your device.

    The down side is that there's no way to pre-select what you do and do not want inserted/imported. For that, you'll need a paid program. I think the name is Holidates. Search at PalmGear or Google for a fuller description.
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    I found this in another thread that I thought would be helpful for you folks here.

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