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    I have had my Treo 600 for about two weeks now and was waiting to make the ESN swap close to my billing date. I have synced it and installed programs from both my WinXP box and SuSE Linux.
    Yesterday I activated the phone and now I can't sync with either system. I use a serial cable, and the error message on the Treo is that the COM port is being used by another application. I get the same message on XP and Linux.
    I had done a fresh install of SUSE 9.0 and I thought that was the problem, but it did the same on XP.
    I tried reinstalling the Windows Palm software, and got the same message on the Treo.
    I hesitate to try a hard reset on the Treo and lose data.
    Can I install a backup program through Blazer to backup to the SD card and then reinstall after the hard reset?
    Are there other solutions to this dilemma?
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    I found that with a fresh (new) Treo 600 the Hot Sync conduit "Cable/Cradle" may be missing. If it is create a "Custom" connection telling it what to do ie:

    Go to the applications menu on your Treo (the little house button on the keypad)

    Select the "HotSync" application

    hit the [MENU] key on the keyboard

    On the drop down list, select "Connection Setup"

    on the "Available connections" screen select [NEW] (at the bottom of the screen)

    On the "Edit Connections" screen select
    * Connect to: "PC"
    * Via: "Cradle/Cable"

    click "OK"

    After creating the connection, tap the sync icon on the Treo 600 and voila. It syncs and all is restored.

    That should do it.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply, mjoinir2k. I have checked the settings on the Treo and on both WinXP and Linux. I am going to try to sync my old 300 to see if it is a problem with my laptop or the Treo itself. If the 300 syncs, then I guess I will do a hard reset on the 600 and cross my fingers.
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    New to the boards and searched because I had the same problem, I also thank you for that information mjolnir2k

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