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    So i was just listening to my voice mail and my T180 hit my wood floor. When i picked it up it was dead. No reset, hard reset, syncing, or charging is happening! Any ideas before i goto RadioShack and buy some tools to crack this open?

    I need to get it working b/c TMo is sending me a new T180 (this one has the infamous broken flip lid) and if it doesnt' work when they get it they are billing me $75 (not horrable but i don't want to have to pay it if it can be avoided!)

    Any help would be great!

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    sorry to hear about your mishap. open up the device and check if all connections are fine - you got nothing to loose. i've looked inside the treo pretty often and have managed to succesfully close it again without causing any damage. wish you luck
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    Check out this thread for good Treo dis-assembly instructions (same process for 300/180/270)


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