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    I've done a quick search and I know it wasn't easy using older Treos. Is there a way I can import the contacts from my old Nokia to my Treo600 that's less time consuming than individually sending them via IR?
    I can export my Nokia contacts to a file and I'm handy with Excel if fields need changing around but how do I import this into my Treo600?
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    Go to Excel, save as CSV.

    Import into Palm Desktop.
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    At least in the US version there is supposed to be an included tool to download the phonebook from your SIM.
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    ok, I've just converted my contacts to be a CSV and after much messing about in excel recategorising the numbers (business, home mobile etc) I've now got them all in the Palm Desktop software as Addresses. Thing is I've done a hotsync and they haven't been copied to my phone. Am I missing something here?

    RMitch, I have just found the 'import contacts from SIM' function but because I've just spent half an hour recategorising them all in Excel I don't want to just pull the old version in now
    thanks though
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    Just read the Orange manual:

    In the Contacts app it is in the menu.

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